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Kindermusik is an internationally acclaimed music and movement programme which complements children's development from newborn to 7 years old. Through its  age appropriate activities and high quality materials, such as book, cds and a wide range of instruments, Kindermusik offers a wonderful and complete learning experience.

Daniel Pratt, Kindermusik International's Co-Founder and Chariman Emeritus discovered this early childhood music education programme in the late 1960s. It was translated into English in the late 1970s and Daniel Pratt begun providing training opportunities for music professionals in the United States. It is at that time that Kindermusik started becoming really successful. Currently Kindermusik is being taught in 66 countries with more than 5,000 educators worldwide.

One of Kindermusik's philosophies is that A GOOD BEGINNING NEVER ENDS! With that in mind, each child's innate musical abilities are enhanced through singing, movement, storytelling, instrument playing and group games in a safe environment. Through expert-led guidance, children participate in activities which build up their socio-emotional development, respect their individuality and support their self-expression. What a beautiful way to make their first steps in life!

Kindermusik Philosophy
  • Child - centred
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Concerned with the child's development as a whole
  • Process, not performance-oriented
  • Fun for the child and for families
  • Inclusive for the parents
  • Use of high quality audio and visual learning material in class and At Home

Description of Kindermusik Courses

More destails on each kindermusik course can be found under courses.

Each Kindermusik course is made of of various units, also described on the courses page.

Village: Developmentally appropriate curriculum for babies (newborn to 13 months) and parents. Weekly 45-minute classes that include new and unique baby and parent activities.

Our Time: Weekly 45 minute  classes that are specifically designed for children 13 months - 3 yrs old and reflect the emotional foundations of school readiness and the latest research on music and early childhood development. Our Time is a unique opportunity for parent and child to interact and learn together in an unhurried and joyful manner.

Imagine That! is designed for active, energetic, enthusiastic, and imaginative children aged 3 to 5. Weekly 45-minute classes include a variety of activities, with parents also taking part in the last 15 minutes and sharing the Kindermusik experience with their children.

ABC Music & Me:Weekly 30-minute classes, ages 2-4 and 4-6 years old.  ABC Music & Me helps two to six-year-olds develop pre-literacy and language skills through a child’s most-loved rituals: music and story time.

Young Child: Weekly 60 minute classes for ages 5-7 years old. This class prepares young children who are eager for their first experiences with musical symbols and instrument discovery, but are not yet ready for formal lessons and traditional music reading with an instrument.

Family Time: Weekly 45-minute family classes (newborn to 5 years old) where each child is welcomed and valued and family “together time” is celebrated and cherished.

All classes come with At Home materials that include cds, books and musical instruments specifically designed for each developmental stage and programme.